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EIM offers a wide variety of helpful inventory management resources and tools to address your inventory challenges:


The EIM Version 5 Spreadsheet Set’s main feature is our enhanced EIM Inventory Forecasting/Analysis Spreadsheet which combines the analysis performed by several of our individual spreadsheets into one!   And, it will allow you to perform the analysis for up to 100 items at a time just by loading your data into a single worksheet.  Also within the Version 5 Spreadsheet Set are additional spreadsheet templates for: Price Break (Item), Price Break (Vendor Line), Price Break (Terms-Freight). and Value of Lost Inventory, Cost of Filling Orders, Rebate Analysis, Price Increase Analysis, Landed Cost Analysis, Replenishment Parameters Analysis, and the Cost of Carrying Inventory (K Cost) and the Cost of Replenishing Inventory Calculators.

EIM Version 5 Spreadsheet templates provide valuable tools for any organization using any computer system.   Spreadsheets »


Carry Costs

Do you know  your cost of carrying inventory?  EIM will calculate your carrying cost and send you a comparison of your answers to others in your region and industry.  There is no charge for this service as long as you allow us to confidentially add your information into our database.
Carrying Cost Worksheet »



Achieving Effective Inventory Management, 6th ed. is based on our most recent research and on up to date “best practices”.    Coupled with discussions regarding the impact and adjustments that the current economic challenges have produced in all areas of inventory management, it provides the complete guide for managing a large and often troublesome asset: inventory.   Books »



Watch Jon in action as he delivers a Keynote Address, Seminar Presentations, and Webinars on various topics of inventory management.   Videos »


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