Chapter 3 – Forecasting Items With Recurring Usage

The topics covered in Chapter 3 include:

  • How Do You Determine the Demand Forecast?
  • Utilizing Usage to Forecast Demand
  • Identifying Seasonal Items
  • Different Forecast Formulas for Different Patterns of Usage
  • Determining the Best Forecast Formula for an Item
  • Other Ways to Calculate the Forecast Error
  • Other Forecasting Methods
  • Collaborative Elements in the Forecast
  • Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)
  • Collaborative Forecasting Within Your Organization
  • Customer Release Orders
  • Forecasting Far Into the Future
  • Weekly Forecast Periods
  • Assembling the Total Forecast
  • Who Will Use the Forecast?
  • Management Driven Versus Demand Forecasts