Chapter 10 – Get Your Warehouse In Order

The topics covered in Chapter 10 include:

  • What Are the Goals of Effective Inventory Control?
  • Assign and Use Bin Locations
  • Fixed Bins
  • Assigning the Primary Bin Location
  • Avoid Confusing Similar Items
  • Zone and Wave Picking
  • Random Bins
  • Using a Combination of Materials Storage Methods
  • Choosing the Most Appropriate Material Storage Units
  • How Much Space Do You Assign to an Item?
  • How Much Room Do You Need In a Warehouse?
  • Bar Coding Improves Accuracy and Productivity
  • Paperless Warehouses
  • Voice Picking Systems
  • Pick to Light Systems
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Bar Codes
  • Evaluating the Cost of Technology